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The first installment of Angle-Grinder Man's Audio Diary is
now available and can be accessed directly by telephone.
To hear the latest news about his crazy adventures call:
0905 843 0008 (from the UK)
Calls from a BT Land-line cost 25p per minute, mobiles may be higher.
Always ask the bill payer's permission before calling. For technical
help with the phone-line call: 0870 014 3000 or click here.


This is the Web-Site of Angle-Grinder Man, the world’s first wheel-clamp and speed camera vigilante cum subversive superhero philanthropist entertainer type personage.
A big welcome to all good, decent, law-unabiding citizens. Godspeed to you and your four-wheeled, petrol-driven chariots.

The purpose of my site is two-fold:
Firstly it serves to publicise and promote my free wheel-clamp removal service.
Secondly, it is intended as a forum to consolidate and galvanise public opinion and give voice to the frustrated and disenfranchised silent majority on the issues of wheel-clamping, congestion charging, speed cameras, etc.
Please sign my guest-book and let me know your views.
Also, you can email me on: post@anglegrinderman.co.uk.

If you have been wheel-clamped and need to contact me urgently, then
call the Angle-Grinder phone hotline direct, on : 07984 121043.
Please only call the hotline number if you have been wheel-clamped, or if you need help and/or advice.
For all newspaper and media enquiries, please call: 07971 991360

In the week I work throughout the Kent area and at the weekend I cover London.





This site is still under construction as Angle-Grinder Man has only recently unleashed himself upon the unsuspecting public. Very soon there will be more pictures, more features/stories and the facility to order free car stickers and other merchandise as well as video clips and audio recordings of wind-ups and crank calls on the clampers to be downloaded.
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Always remember: Those ****s WORK FOR US!!


The pages that follow include language that is of a very fruity and colourful nature. They should, also, contain enough non-organic and mono-chrome language to keep the tight-arses happy but I just thought I should warn you.